Smart ideas and creative solutions

I'm a French communications consultant and art director with a versatile profile, combining pure strategy and strong creativity to optimise the success of a project. 

A rich and solid path 
that allows me to carry out any marketing plan, from strategy to operational execution, copywriting to merchandising, branding to social media,
art direction to photo shoots, events to public relations, graphic design to editing and more.

About me

10 years of experience 
in creative communication and project management for brand agencies, marketing departments,
public figures, institutions, government,
and social organisations.


What I do


Communications and PR

Create, write and distribute content

to promote organizations,

brands, events, or products.
Respond to inquiries from the public
and media, and coordinate promotional

events by proposing imaginative

and innovative strategies.

Art Direction

My strong experience as an art director and visual designer and a total mastery of design tools and graphic best practices in both digital and print provide me the tools to search and to develop visual responses adapted to marketing strategies.

Project management

My years of experience in internal marketing services and as a freelancer allow me to be able to manage teams of designers, copywriters, social media managers, developers as well as external service providers by defining objectives, budgets and precise timelines. 


Download my portfolio

Check out a selection of my work and clients through my digital portfolio

For confidentiality reasons,
my portfolio is available for download upon request

Thanks !



Thanks !